Sylph Experience Points (Levelling them up)

Leveling up a sylph efficiently is very simple, and also easy also though It can take a while depending on the levels you are trying to reach.

Ita impirtant to make all your sylphs the highest level you can, so they can be as strong as they can be for events such as Sylph Arena. Always equip your non-maxed sylph when you accept quests, do multi-player dungeons or solo dungeons, spire, bounty quests or even when you are simply consuming EXP books, as well as guild events like Tree of Ancients. These give the most xp, and level the sylph the fastest it can be levelled. Only Equip your currently maxed level sylph instead of the lower one for more difficult EXP-Giving quests or events or multi-player dungeons if it is too hard with your weaker sylph.

When you are using your main sylph, not doing any of the above to gain EXP, your put your sylph on the farm and in meditation. Even when you have 2-3 maxed out sylph, you should grow a spare one to engulf newer sylphs you might get that arent easy to obtain, e.g Hades or Apollo.

Sylph Double Hit trick

Sometimes you can do multiple attacks in one round with your sylph. When you tap to awaken, immediately start clicking the first sylph attack. If after you awaken, the skill icon blinks above your sylph's head instead of showing a static icon, you can use a second attack. Start spamtapping the skill for your second attack. When the previous attack triggers, start hitting the third etc.

What is a Sylph? Sylph Atoll, Sylph Upgrading & Enchanting,Types of Sylphs, Sylph Materials

Water Essence

Sylph Essence obtained from killing Water Sylphs - iris's.

Essece Exchange

Buy different types of Sylph Seals using Sylph Essences obtained by killing Sylphs in the Sylph Atoll.

Killing Sylphs

Kill sylphs to obtain different types of sylph essences,

Sylph Exchange & Sylph Atoll

This is the entrance to the sylph atoll, where the NPC Alice stands outside of with the sylph exchange.

Sylph Atoll Map

Open map up inside of sylph atoll this is what you will see, where the entrance to the next Atoll Level is, and where Alice is on that level.

Level 50 - Obtaining Sylphs & Sylph Atoll

After you complete The Legend of the Sylph Quest Chain, you will be rewarded with a sylph. This sylph will be a "Pan, Eve, Amazon Queen" or "Iris". 

But what if i dont like the sylph i recieved? ( the sylph recieved is random )

Then you can go to the Sylph Atoll. 

What is the Sylph Atoll?

Sylph Atoll is located on the east side of the Cloud City right next to the Sylph Arena and the Sylph Exchange. Sylph Atoll is where the sylphs of Cloud City are. Defeating the sylphs in battle rewards you with Sylph Essence which can be exchanged with Alice outside near the sylph atoll entrance.

- The type of sylph essence you can obtain depends on the sylph you kill:

Kill Pan - Receive Wind Essence

Kill Amazon Queen - Receive Fire essence

Kill Iris - Receive Water Essence

Kill Eve - Receive Electro Essence

On each level of sylph atoll ( there are 5 ), you will find level 50 sylphs wandering around. The more sylphs you kill, the more essence you obtain. You can obtain up to 4 essence per sylph kill, and it costs 200 essences of one type of essence to exchange for a sylph.

  • L1 floor hosts water sylphs (Iris)
  • L2 floor hosts wind sylphs (Pan)
  • L3 floor hosts fire sylphs (Amazon Queen)
  • L4 floor hosts electric sylphs (Eve)


Once you get to level 50, you  can obtain an elemental, damage dealing companion called a 'Sylph' after completing the main quest called the Legend of the Sylphs. Which requires talking to the NPC Azrael in western Cloud City. You can get to him from your map or just by tapping the quest that automatically appears, and being auto-pathed to him ( must be in cloud city or city ).

The Legend of Sylphs:

"Half-forgotten texts speak the power of the gods' Immortal Souls, and how their spirits gathered in a holy land to become Sylphs possessing the power of the divine... Legends say that those who acquire the aid of a Sylph tap in to a power beyond imagination with the ability to wage war on a mythic scale"


Passive sylph form.
While the sylph is in passive form, it deals damage based on his OWN statistics (int / str). Opponent's defenses (mdef, pdef) does not reduce this damage.


Awakened sylph form.
When the sylph is in awakened form, it deals damage based on the total of its attack and YOUR.The basic formulae is (your attack + sylph attack - opponen't defense) / 2 * multipliers. 


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This page is all about Sylphs and their uses.. Key Points are in bold, to save you from having to read all of the text if you dont want to.

ELECTRO SYLPHS: are best for worldboss and any other place you have to maximize your damage. For example: Spire, Catacombs and Sylph Atoll Boss. They are not good in places where you have to face multiple opponents, for example Sylph Arena or multiplayer dungeons where there are multiple bosses in a boss fights rather than just one. E.g Garden Of Death Nightmare final boss. Electro sylphs are particularly good for archers, as they compliment archers crits. They are also good for knights in class wars, as electro sylphs are intellect based and therefore do high magical damage, and knights have low magical damage.

FIRES SYLPHS: are good for mages in class wars or against opponenets with low physical defense. They are similiar to the sylph hades in the way that mages normally prefer to use hades or cerberus for class wars, cerberus is a bit weaker than hades and deals physical damage. They have good sylph skills to do damage against multiple opponents.

WIND SYLPHS: are kinda considered to be the most useless sylph, until you refine. Pan is weak...but Medusa can be extemely damaging to other players. Medusa has good buff, debuff and multi-attack sylph skills. And at this time in the game most players are taking electro, fire and light/dark sylphs, and dont use as much wind resistance, so medusa can deal even more damage.

WATER SYLPHS: deal magical attack and deal more damage to knights and archers because they can have low magical defense.They are great for group arena, multiplayer dungeons and anywhere else you or other players might need healing. Water sylphs are intellect based like electro sylphs, so they deal high damage to low magical defense opponenets.