Astral Refinement Panel

Here you can use 1000k gold to increase your exp for refined astral slots by 1 point, or 10000k for 10 exp points.

The New OneTap Feature

Automatically sell or synthesize whichever astrals you want for whatever gold amount.

Mount Refinement Entry

Tap the arrow to open the mount refinement panel.

Mount Refinement Panel

The panel where you refine your mounts using mount hoofs.

Mount Hoofs

Used to refine mounts.

Patch v5.2

Patch v5.2

In this patch a few things were updated and a few new things were introduced including mount refinement, astral refinement, soul mark system and the new and improved 1tap feature.


- If you go to the stable panel, and then go to where you would select the mount you want to ride, youll see stars beneath each mount. One star represents ten stat, for example you have 5 stars if you have +50 stat, or 1 star if you have +10 stat. To refine one of these mounts, tap the arrow next to the stars below each mount. Once you tap the arrow next to the stars you will be taken to a refinement panel where you can refine your mounts. You will recieve plus one blessing per each refinement, once the blessing bar is full you gain one star per that mount, once you unlock all the stars for that mount i guess you could consider that mount to be fully refined.

- You can use MOUNT HOOFS to refine your mounts, you cant use bound balens or unbound balens to obtain mount hoofs. Mount hoofs are obtained via Dragon invasion and various hot events/spend events. sometimes in shop boxes.

- All mount attribues obtained from Mount Upgrades are stackable and wont expire

- You cant refine temporary mounts or vip mounts.



For to unlock the soul mark system you need class advancement and soul engraving level 80. Once these requirements are met soul engraving automatically upgrades to soul Mark, you can use souls seals to increase the level of soul mark and increase your gem % increase. KEEP PREVIOUS STATS FROM SOUL ENGRAVING



In the astral patch, astral refinement and an improved/upgraded 1tap feature were introduced. In this improved onetap feature you can choose the amount of gold you want to use and what astrals you want to automatically sell or synthesize.


For to refine your astral SLOTS, not actual astrals, you NEED CLASS ADVANCED. Refining astral slots will give boosts to any astral you place in that slot. The number of astral slots you can refine depends on your level of class advancement, you can get two refined slots if your grand dragon title and one if your trainee dragon title.